Site123 Website Builder Overview

The manners in which we make websites are continually advancing. A couple of years back, you expected to code your whole website without any preparation.

Site123 Website Builder is the best website builder. In this, we can create a website through the use of drag and drop tools.

Presently, these web designers have advanced once more, designing instant websites for you off the responses to a couple of necessary inquiries regarding the kind of webpage you’d like!

Site123 is a website builder at the cutting edge of advancement, making it simpler and faster than at any other time to make a site.

Their layouts are web designed applications simple to coordinate, and offer you the capacity to sell items through your website. If you want to try this drag and drop website builder platform then click below.

Site123 Website Builder is Easy To Use

Site 123 works by first asking you several questions after asking questions, generating a template with many features as per the information you provided.

It appeared to be direct enough to us, yet here at Website Builder Expert, we generally need to understand what you, our clients, think as well.

In this way, we got regular individuals to test Site123 and assemble a site before announcing back to us how they discovered it.

Site123 Best For


Site123 has some truly incredible and essential features to assist you with making a blog. Analytics, social bookmarking, search features, and an RSS feed settle on a vital decision to be the home of your posts.

It doesn’t have anything. If display category and comment section etc., are essential to your blog, at that point, Site123 won’t have the option to help you.

If you need a website to blog, at that point, WordPress is your answer – it’s what it’s intended for.

Business & Ecommerce

It entirely depends on your needs or requirement. It is very easy or straightforward to create a clean looking website through site123 website builder that clearly shows what your company or product is all about.

This platform is beneficial for creating e-commerce websites also. All the features will allow you to sell your digital products and coupons.


If your confidence is not high in your technical skills and you need a drag and drop platform for creating a business website, then Site123 is the best choice in this digital world.

Best Tools Site123

It’s help and support

Site123 will always help on every part of your learning or until your site is ready to go live. They will help you with your problems via email, social media, and many other ways. It has live chat support available 24/7 on the same page you are editing.  

Social Media merger

It allows you to merge 25 different social media platforms. If you plan for social media to play a significant role in your website, site123 is not right for you, and then you go for Wix.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Site123 offers some core search engine optimization tools for ranking high on the search engine result page.

Tools like you can edit Meta title, Meta description, URLs and alt-text, etc.


You can attach a free domain for starting the first year on any premium plans of site123. It has a domain search tool also with more than 100 extensions.


Analytics is an essential tool for any website. Some of the website builders provide their analytics but site123 website builder supplied by Google Analytics.

Backups and Restores

Not a single website owner wants their website to delete, but site123 ensures you backup your website data. It has auto-save features.

Site123 pricing

      Site123         planPay 3-monthly ($/mo)Pay annually      ($/mo)Pay 2-yearly ($/mo)Pay 3-yearly ($/mo)       You        Save         (%)
Professional$33$22.80$17.30  $14.45  56.2%
Gold$41$28.80$22.30$19.45  52.6%  

 Site123 pricing of Ecommerce plan

Annual Price$22.80/mo$28.80/mo
First Year Free DomainYesYes
Attach your DomainYesYes
Mail List250010000
Storage90 Gigabyte270 Gigabyte
Floating tagYesYes
Additional languages35
Advanced E-commerce FeaturesNoYes
Credit Card GatewaysYesYes
Orders per month500Unlimited
Site123 pricing

SITE123 Free Plan

The free plan allows for exploring the various features of the site123 website builder. The open plan includes these things are:-

  • There is no free domain available
  • There are no e-commerce tools
  • Site123 ads on your website
  • Basic SEO
  • 500GB storage with 1GB bandwidth

Comparison among pricing of Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, Site123

Free planYesTrialYesYes
 Website Plan (Annual)$19/mo – Pro$18/mo – Business$12/mo – Pro$16.80/mo – Advanced
E-Commerce Plan (Annual)$25/mo – Business Unlimited$40/mo – Basic Online Store$38/mo – Business Plus$22.80/mo – Professional

123 website builder review

123 website builder review and alternative

Site123 is a very user-friendly platform for creating a business website through drag and drop features. It has mobile-friendly templates. Site123 website builder is easy to use, but that does not always mean peoples are happy with websites.

72% of the users of the site123 always recommend this platform to those who want to design a website and take their businesses online.

Many users said that if you want to add more complex features to the website as per requirement, there would be no option. Site123 provides more than 150 templates.

Site123 best alternatives


It is an e-commerce software; its templates are related to e-commerce. It can help you to design professional websites for owners. 


It offers solutions for content management. No matter what is your profession is, Wix offers a lot of features for everyone and every business. 


 It is also a content management software and open-source software. WordPress helps you to create a blogging website or business website, or even both. 


It helps in creating the virtual store. It’s marketing tactics are beneficial for your websites. It popularizes your website.


It helps you to create a personalized website. It uses AL powered virtual assistant who can help you with the process.

If you want to attach your domain with hosting then, you must read:- Cloudways Hosting Reviews 2020 and Get 40% Off

Pros and Cons of SITE123
Pros and Cons of SITE123


  • There is a facility to translate your website
  • You can take a trial of the free plan of Site123 Website Builder as long as you want.
  • It is like filling a form.
  • Responsiveness
  • Wonderful templates
  • You can design a website in 56 languages


  • If you want the ads on your website to be off, you must need an advance plan.
  • Templates restrictions, not the availability of all the niche related templates
  • Limited access to source code
  • There is no user access area.
  • It will help in creating a small size online store, not big e-commerce websites.

Site123 Conclusion

The conclusion of the above matter is this if you need a website ready as soon as possible, but you don’t know to code, and you doubt your technical skills, then site123 is a good website builder option.

Its template will help you to create a much better website that attracts customers or traffic. It is an excellent platform for building a personal website or small scale business websites.

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