Longtail Pro Review 2021: Best Keyword Research Tool?


One of the topics I sincerely want to cover for bloggers and digital marketers is how to do keyword research. It is straightforward once you know how, especially with today’s Long Tail Pro review & tutorial!

In my last blog, I did a small comparison of KWFinder and longtail pro(LTP) for small businesses or startups, I still prefer kwfinder, but if you are handling many projects and have agency, you must go for LTP; this will help you understand at the end of this article.

 After researching many SEO keyword tools, I came across a longtail pro tool, which is trending for the last 1-2 years and used by many SEO experts and business people for their online business. In this article, I am going to highlight the features, details, offers, pros & cons, and all the details about LTP. let’s get started with the long tail pro review 

What is a longtail pro?

LTP is the best keyword research tool that helps you to dominate your competition. There are also various options available in this tool, which will help you beat your competitor and detail SERP analysis.

 Pricing of longtail pro

This tool pricing is divided into 3 categories 

1.Annual/monthly  Agency

2.Annual/monthly  Pro

3.Annual/monthly Starter

1.Annual/monthly Starter

            Keyword research 

Keyword lookups per 24 hours800
KC calculations per 24 hours800
SERP lookups per 24 hours800

Rank Tracker

Tracked keywords30
Tracked domainsunlimited
Rank updatedaily

Account Management

Simultaneous logins


Expert reviews about this plan:

 This is one of the best plans if you are new in the SEO field. This will help you guide how to take long tail keywords, pick high search volume keywords, low competition keyword , and suggest which keyword you should take for your blog topic. I highly recommend it to those who start blogging or any other content writing business

2.Annual/monthly  Pro

Keyword research 

Keyword lookups per 24 hours2500
KC calculations per 24 hours2500
SERP lookups per 24 hours2500

Rank Tracker

Tracked keywords200
Tracked domainsunlimited
Rank updatedaily

Account Management

Simultaneous logins


Expert reviews about this plan:

YESS!! This is one of the best and affordable plans for you if your basics is clear about SEO tool, this is one of the best programs and widens your keyword research, SERP analysis, and many more things that will help you beat your competitor and increase the traffic of your website 

“Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research and blogging SEO tool I’ve ever seen. This software has gotten me really excited and it’s a perfect tool for businesses who are serious about content marketing.”

Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

At this price range, you will not get any better tool than this. In the later of this article, I’ll compare longtail pro with other software at this price range, which will help you to choose the right one. 


1.Annual/monthly  Agency

Keyword research 

Keyword lookups per 24 hours6000
KC calculations per 24 hours6000
SERP lookups per 24 hours6000

Rank Tracker

Tracked keywords1000
Tracked domainsunlimited
Rank updatedaily

Account Management

Simultaneous logins


Expert reviews about this plan

This plan gives many agencies significant returns in small investment; this plan is basically to hire by big agencies only, who have to handle the bulk of projects simultaneously. the main reason for using this tool by big agencies is the trust of longtail pro by giving relevant result to them, which is the top priority for every agency to get accurate and relevant work to tackle your competitor 

If you are still confused with all these plans, I recommend getting a free trial of 7 days with this link.

Features of longtail pro

•         You can handle multiple projects

•         Generate longtail keyword with your seed keyword

•         Check the search volume, competition, profitability, trend, and many more

•         Import your keywords into LongTailPro

•         keyword difficulty recommendations

•         SERP lookup and detailed competition analysis for each keyword

•         Personal Domain analysis and customized Keyword Competitiveness Targets

How does longtail pro work?

LTP is a user-friendly software, which can be used by everyone who has a basic knowledge of SEO and keyword research. if you are a beginner, no worry, LTP team will guide you on how to use this and boost your business with longtail keywords 

Steps to find longtail keyword in long tail pro software 

1.enter your seed keyword in the search option 

2. If you want to find long tail keywords, you should select the “Words” section and enter the minimum number of words to search for.

For example, I’m using the seed keywords “Digital marketing.”

3. Select the country in which you want to target your audience 

4. Filter the KC(keyword competitiveness), search volume, and CPC to get profitable keywords. 

Click on “Search Keywords,” and LongTailPro will start doing all the EXPERT research for you. It will take 60-120 seconds to give you the results.

Here you can edit the list based on CPC, local & global searches. Before you move further, filter out the unwanted keywords by clicking on the “X” mark. This will help you stay organized and keep your list simple.

Now click on any of the keywords you find useful for your website and it will take you to the Competitor Analysis page.

When you are in a competitive niche, you need to pay attention to specific factors.

For example, it would be easier to outrank any competition with less backlinks and less domain authority.

The LongTailPro Competitor Analysis tool lets you check all of these important details.

This is the one of the hack to get highly profitable keywords for your niche 

Keyword competitiveness research by longtail pro 

It’s difficult to choose the best keyword from a bunch of keywords list in front of you, but with the help of LTP, you’ll find low competitive keywords with high search volume, which is the only need of every business to rank top on SERP.

Here is the different Avg. KC scores mean:

  • 0 to 10 – No or Zero competition
  • 10 to 20 – Extremely low competition
  • 20 to 30 – Low competition[recommended]
  • 30 to 40 – Moderate competition
  • 40 to 50 – Somewhat high competition
  • 50 to 60 – Very high competition
  • 60 to 70 – Extremely high competition
  • 70 to 100 – Don’t even try

My 84 days experience with longtail pro 

Let me share my real experience with you regarding 84 days with longtail pro, honestly speaking. It’s hard for me to switch kWfinder and choose longtail pro(LTP) for my keyword research, but I never turned back or changed another keyword research tool when I started using LTP. Whenever I open my laptop for blogging or content writing, my first search on a search engine is to log in to the longtail dashboard. Before longtail pro, the work that takes 2 hours for keyword research is now done within an hour with competitive analysis, which helps me work effectively. It also allows me to run many amazon affiliate programs with low CPC keywords.

Longtail pro discount :how to grab the offer

Step1: click on this link to redirect to longtail pro pricing plan 

Step2: Select the best plan according to your business needs

Step3: get 7 days free trial from above link

Step4: select the payment method, after this you’ll redirect to dashboard of longtail pro  

If you are still confused and can’t choose which tool to pick up ,please do comment below our team will reply you with 24 hours ,but before this please read our comparison of LTP with their alternative 

Longtail pro alternative comparison

Longtail pro VS Ubersugest 

When I was new in blogging and liked to use ubersuggest; at that time, it was a free keyword tool, but now we have to pay for in-depth analysis of our competitor, but still, it is available at a cheap rate and shows the 90% accurate result. 

Whereas longtail pro provides you a 7 days free trial, which helps you understand the tool and build trust with their result. LTP secures your data, but there is no guarantee of security if you use the ubersuggest theme because ubersuggest also asks for google search console permission.

My opinion: if you are new in this digital marketing field, then you must go to ubersuggest monthly plan, and if you are professional and security and accuracy is your top priority, then you must go to the annual plan of longtail pro 

Kwfinder vs Longtail pro keyword tool

longtail pro vs kwfinder

This is one of the most challenging comparisons and even hard to choose which one to buy.

Kwfinder is an excellent tool and shows the accurate result as longtail pro shows; also, it is user-friendly. Everyone can use it whether you are pro or beginner; it is easy to use, whereas if you choose LTP, it will take time to understand the dashboard if you are purchasing first time any paid tool for, but when it comes to analysis and accuracy longtail pro shows the best result and reduce your hard work for professional research.

find the latest offers of kwfinder or read the detail about the last offer of kwfinder 


If you are using 1st time any paid tool, then you must go for KWFinder because the user dashboard of kwfinder is easy to use for beginners as compared to longtail pro.

If you are handling 4-5 projects or more the longtail pro is the best option for you to choose, also it helps you in managing different projects in the same dashboard , which will help you to save you time.Also longtail pro shows you the best and accurate result which helps you in competitor analysis

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