KWFinder Black Friday Discount 2020- Get 30 % off

Are you looking for the tool which gives your profitable long tail keywords at affordable price and helps your business to be on top of SERP?

Kwfinder is the best tool which helps in you to find low competitive keyword, on this black Friday deal this luxury tool is offering 30% lifetime discount, which is one of the best opportunity for bloggers and other content writer who wants their business on top of SERP

Lets understand how this kwfinder black Friday sale help your business to grow

Disclaimer: the blackfriday deal of kwfinder is not yet started

Date of deal : 29, November – 2, December 2020 

Discount : 30% lifetime

Site :


KWFinder is become one of the best keyword research tool, which gives low completive and high search volume keyword to your business.

Kwfinder  come with exciting discount on this black Friday , mangloos the company bhenid providing all the set of seo tool like kwfinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher and siteprofile(newly added)  running a special Black Friday Campaign.

Mangools recently add a new tool SiteProfiler where you can check competitors’ keywords and organic traffic. With the launch of of this , Mangools become a group of seo tool

Want to know the best thing about all these tools? but before that here are the details of KwFfinder Cyber Monday deal

How this kwfinder black Friday sale save money for your business

Kwfinder blackfriday deal

Mangools Basic: This plan is excellent for bloggers who are getting started with SEO. It is possible to perform keyword research, track positions, examine competitions.

Mangools Premium I recommend this for experienced marketers who run numerous sites. Additionally, suited for SEO freelancers to do daily activities.

I recommend anybody to begin together with the Premium plan because it features the right mixture of features and higher resources acceptable for all. Note, it’s also the top-selling one of all Mangools plans.

Mangools kwfinder unique features

Find profitable keyword

With the help of kwfinder  you can find those keywords which have high search volume and low competition which will help you to rank on the top of SERP and you’ll get a chance to easily convert your competitiors, customers, to your buyer

Difficulty value

When you search any keyword in this tool then you’ll get a KD(keyword difficulty ) column through which you can easily frame your strategy for that keyword to rank keywords with less than 10 difficulty value, then those keywords can be ranked without the need for backlinks.

Shows the trend of keyword

This is one of my favorite features in this tool which helps me to find seasonable keywords. with the help of this feature, I can easily find those keywords which people are searching on the particular months or weeks or what is the trend of that particular keyword. By this analytic feature, you can easily choose whether to take this particular keyword or not

Customer Care

No other search engine optimization application company does better service compared to Mangools. I received a few questions, the programmer  Vanesea, it self directly answered my inquiries.

There’s also a live chat option endorsed by a few wonderful men and women who may solve the majority of your inquiries in moments.

They’re Rather than explaining pricing, you may directly go to the website and understand better about that. KWFinder is likely to soon be offering 30%  lifetime discounts on most of the luxry plans

Besides KWFinder, you can access another few SEO tool ( SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, and also Link Miner) to get free of charge.

SERPChecker will reveal you true SERP results depending on the location you select.

 SERPWatcher is your modern position tracker plus I bet you’ll like this for your business

LinkMiner could be your various tools out of the Mangools team that’s truly a backlinks analyzer at which it can help one to reproduce the easy connections to your competitions.

SiteProfiler makes easy competitions analysis such as organic key terms, effortless to reproduce traffic, natural traffic, plus far more data will need to overcome your competition.

Keyword research is no rocKet science.  Just go for the keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. We have the most accurate SEO difficulty and exact search volumes

How to get mangools kwfinder deal easily ?

  • Check this page to go to Mangools exclusive Blackfriday deal
  • Click the button”Grab thedeal ” and choose your selected plan
  • Finish the payment and your account will be triggered immediately.

Mangools team wont provide such discounts usually, and unlike many companies which run deals many times, Mangools are running the deal for just two days, i.e., till 30th November 20 20. So there is no greater time to acquire the tools apart from this KWFinder Black Friday sale .


Price: $25/month

Sales Date: 30, November 2020.

Promotion Code: CHECK NOW

Experts: content writer or SEO expert SEO tool.

My personal experience with kwFinder

I have been using kwfinder since 2018 for my blogging and my freelancing projects of SEO. Apart from this tool, I also tried many keyword research tools like longtail pro, keyword search,aherfs, and many others. but 

none of them given accurate result as kWfinder shows and proven by the conversion

But the fact is that none of these tools returned me the keyword difficulty score as accurate as of that of KWFinder.

Personally, for my blogging and SEO projects, I usually target keywords with a keyword difficulty score of 20 or less. It works like a charm for me.

Although KWFinder suggests, you use keywords with a KD score below 30, the lower, the better when you are starting, target as low as below 20 or even 15.

Buy kwfinder group by mangools

Mangools comes with a various group of SEO tool, KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, Linkminer, and SiteProfiler


if you are done with the on-page factor of SEO, then finding profitable tool for off-page SEO, but it is not in your budget, don’t worry with kwFInder you will also get linkminer for competitor backlink research, which give accurate result as aherfs(site explorer) presents .so why to spent extra penny towards your research when you are getting with kwfinder Cyber Monday deal


If you are seo expert ,you very well know nothing is better than manual research ,SERPchecker helps you to do manual research on particular keywords so that you can know what are the top SERP pages performing on search engine

SERPWatcher features

This is one of the most intresting features of mangloos which will help you to track the ranking of your website on particular keyword

SERPWatcher lets you know how your site is performing and ranking for the keywords you are targeting.

SiteProfiler Features

It provides you basic metrics of the site, traffic, top content pages, competitors, audience, etc.

SiteProfiler is a great tool to have for getting a basic idea for how strong a site is when it comes to SEO.

LongTailPro Vs. KWFinder – Which One to choose?

After looking at the apps, we can say that KWFinder is the most affordable and profitable keyword SEO tool available. You can rely on it if you’re not interested in analyzing your competitor’s websites.

But if you want to spy on your competition deeply, then LongTailPro is the best tool because it shows you all the necessary information you need to outrank your competition.

But when it comes to getting the best data on your competition, you might want to add SEMRush to your keyword tools collection.

This will give you an extra edge to uncover all the information you need regarding your competitor’s SEO optimization.

Check out the amazing LongTailPro black friday deal

What people are asking about KWFinder Black Friday Deal?

Q1.Is KWFinder offering any discount on this Black Friday?

Yes, they offer a 30% discount on the monthly plan and a 40% discount on the yearly plan. You can get an additional 10% discount if you apply for a Mangools subscription within 1 hour of purchase.

Q.2Is KWFinder provides good support?

Yes, they provide full support if you see any problem related to their tool to complain that through the chatbox.

if you already purchased this KWFinder tool on this black friday ,get more exciting offer and review of blackfriday deals

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