Adguard Adblocker Lifetime License Review 2020 [Get 76% Off]

Nowadays, Browsing the Internet is not as easy as before five to ten years back. Everyone surfing on the Internet is facing the problem of online advertisements.

If you’re browsing the same Internet like everybody else, you’re probably fed up with all these Internet advertisements that follow you like a shadow.

Adguard lifetime license subscription key is the solution to getting rid of all those online advertisements that track your behavior from apps to social media via the search engine.

One of the best ways to browse safely and block ads is by using adblocker software. It will remove all ad formats, whether it’s pop-up ads, banner ads, or video ads.

Adguard adblocker gives you the license to browse faster and experience the world of the Internet without digital advertisements. It also protects your computer from malware viruses.

Just imagine that you’re browsing social media, reading blogs, or watching YouTube videos without annoying ads. Isn’t seems like a dream, but it’s all possible with an Adguard lifetime deal subscription key.

Adguard Adblocker Review

Adguard is a unique adblocker software that works with all the browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Yandex, or any Internet browsing software.

Adguard is totally different compared to its alternatives because it is just not a browser-based extension; it’s a separate program. It processes the pages before loading and removes all the ads and malware.

Adguard is an extraordinary adblocker software that removes not only intrusive digital ads but also blocks online tracking, threats, save data plan, and keep your surfing activity anonymous.

It always stays on like anti-virus to scan all the online and offline activities that give you complete security 24/7. It also keeps all the applications and software up to date for the fastest browsing experience.

One of Adguard adblocker’s best features is its privacy protection, which keeps all the online data secure from third party software and hackers. It has a simple interface with a good support team that gives a fast reply.

In this Adguard adblocker review further, you will get to know about its free version, paid version, and most importantly, its lifetime deal.

Adguard Lifetime License

Unlike other adblocker applications, Adguard offers a lifetime license key in which you will only have to make a one-time payment and get the license key to use it for a lifetime. It has two categories of plan to choose it from:

Adguard Lifetime License

Adguard Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription

Adguard personal plan license key is basically for 3 devices which cannot be exceeded until you go for family plan. Adguard personal plan is universal and works on any of the devices like Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS.

The purchased license key will be sent on the email address which you will register on the time of purchase. You can access it on desktop and mobile as well. To add a new device, simply use the same key in the “license” section of the app.

In order to safeguard more than 3 devices you can switch anytime to family plan. Simply go on the upgrade page and fill up your license key, after that you can upgrade it by just following some of the simple instructions.

Adguard Family Plan Lifetime Subscription

In Adguard family plan maximum 9 devices can be used with its license key. You can redeem your code within 30 days of purchase. In case you don’t like Adguard after purchasing, you can get a refund as they offer a 60 days money back guarantee.

If you want a license key for more than 9 devices, you will have to contact them at There support service team is 24/7 active and if you are having any queries you can also contact them at

The basic system requirements for the Adguard adblocker software

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
OS X 10.10 (64 bit) or higher
Android 5.0 or higher
iOS 10.0 or later

Adguard Adblocker Pricing

Adguard adblocker pricing is really cost efficient and everyone can afford it, especially its lifetime license plans. Millions of users who purchased Adguard license key said that its budget friendly and 100% reliable.

Adguard Lifetime License: Personal Plan Pricing

$19.99 for lifetime [66% off] Grab the deal now before it get expired

Adguard Lifetime License: Family Plan Pricing

$29.99 for lifetime [76% off] Grab the deal now before it get expired

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Adguard Alternatives

Mostly Adguard adblocker alternatives are browser extensions which technically remove ads but not all types of ads and are not much efficient in protecting your devices from malware and in privacy protection.

Most of the adblocker extensions are Accessible Free of Charge or Standalone apps, though some, such as Adguard, cost a fee. Ascertain if the free services deliver enough adblocking to satisfy your requirements or if a paid program delivers more for the money.

It’s also wise to determine whether a browser extension will look after your adblocking requirements or if you should think about changing browsers to a person with more built-in solitude attributes.

Decide what you are seeking to achieve with this kind of extension or app. Would you only wish to quit annoying pop-up advertisements from appearing, or would you like the complete assortment of services, such as privacy attributes and also an end to ad-tracking? Grab the adblocker that ticks off all of the boxes on your Wishlist.

Adguard vs uBlock Origin

uBlock origin is an adblocker extension tool that works on Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Pale Moon, mac OS as well as versions of Safari prior to 13.

uBlock origin adblocker is totally free but it will not protect you from viruses, threats, malware. It will also not provide privacy protection and even you will be always open to track by the advertisers.

uBlock origin adblocker rely totally on extension as its an open source cross platform, so it works on desktop only and somehow it block the ads but it does not block all types of ad formats.

Blokada vs Adguard

Blokada is basically an open source application that works only on smartphones and block the ads on Android and IOS. It efficiently blocks ads, tracking marketers, malware, save your data plan, protect your privacy and even speed up your device.

It has a built in VPN also for better protection. On the other hand Adguard adblocker gives you the lifetime license key for both desktop and smartphones which you can use in Android and IOS as well by just downloading Adguard application from the play store.

Adguard vs AdBlock Plus

AdBlock plus is also a free and open source extension with a mobile application. It also promises to protect your device from malware, threats, viruses, tracking and block all the ad formats.

After Adguard adblocker people rely on AdBlock plus as it also has the same features with good reviews. More importantly its free, secure and fast.

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